Watch Nicki Minaj Handle a Love Triangle in Hilarious T-Mobile Commercial

Watch Nicki Minaj Handle a Love Triangle in Hilarious T-Mobile Commercial


Nicki Minaj shows off her acting skills and takes on a love triangle in a new T-Mobile commercial. In the 30-second bit, Nicki walks in on a guy—that is sadly not played by Meek Mill—and presses him about skipping out on her videos to hang out with Snapchat.

"You've been streaming my videos all morning and now you're with this thing?" she says while giving some major side-eye to Snapchat. The guy blames his inability to multi-task on his provider, Verizon, limiting his data and forcing him to choose one or the other.

"Come on girl. Let's get us a man with unlimited data," she tells the Snapchat logo sitting at the table. Of course, the pair walk off together and leave poor Steven without either of them.

The commercial promotes T-Mobile's newly launched T-Mobile One campaign that offers customers unlimited data plans. We hope this means Meek has unlimited data so he can keep us his girl even when she's not home.

Recently, Nicki dropped a brand new song titled, "The Pinkprint Freestyle," which features her rapping over Young MA's hit "Ooouuu." She opened the track by shouting out her Young Money mentor, Lil Wayne," who has recently been going through some legal problems that he told fans have left him feeling defeated. Clearly, Nicki hasn't forgotten that the rapper stood by her from the beginning. It's still unclear if the drop was a one-off release from Nicki since the whole thing was pretty out of the blue, but we can hope it means that more new Nicki music is on the way. For now, watch Nicki flex her acting muscles in her new commercial above.