Watch SNL Host Drake Narrate the Failed Attempts of an Awful ‘American...

Watch SNL Host Drake Narrate the Failed Attempts of an Awful ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Contestant


American Ninja Warrior – SNL

Perhaps you watched Drake host Saturday Night Live last night. Perhaps you didn’t. Perhaps it’s still sitting on your DVR collecting whatever the equivalent to dust is for an unwatched DVR recording. Whatever the case, here’s a four-minute scene where Drizzy donned a bald cap, shaved his beard, and impersonated American Ninja Warrior co-host Akbar Gbaja-Biamila.

The premise for said scene is simple: Bobby Moynihan plays an enthusiastic competitor who attempts to finish the daunting obstacle course after a tornado wrecks his Texas town. It comes complete with footage of what appears to be real devastation by a real tornado that a few people (accidentally?) laughed at. His goal is to inspire, his will is strong, and his effort goes about as well as you’d think an ANW run would go for a guy who looks like Bobby Moynihan.

While Drake is years removed from his days scooting around in a wheelchair at Degrassi, the man proved he still has the acting chops to hold his own. There were no flubs or fumbled lines. Canadian TV prepared him well.

As for the sketch itself, there’s a good chance that it’ll entertain you for a few minutes. This is to say it’s like most acts on SNL—if you’re not a fan, blame the bland standards that network television has to adhere to. But with Drake flexing his game in what is now a semi-rare acting appearance, we’ll take everything we can get.