Watch This Incredible Video of Rick Ross Parasailing in France

Watch This Incredible Video of Rick Ross Parasailing in France


Sometimes you have to take a minute to stop and appreciate the truly ridiculous lives that rappers get to live. On Tuesday, that blessing came from the big boss himself. Rick Ross is currently on vacation in the South of France, and he looks like he had quite a blast parasailing with his buddies. Caught on Snapchat, Ross is seen in a feat of athleticism that would have been all but impossible for him pre-Peargate. Now though, he’s healthy and out here living his best life.

While he looks like he’s having a ton of fun, we do have to say that the water landing looked like it was a little bit rough. The best part of the whole thing comes after he gets back on the beach and reveals that he’s been wearing an incredibly expensive chain the entire time. Moral of the story: when you’re Rick Ross, you don’t have to worry about five years of the average American worker’s salary falling into the ocean while you’re busy enjoying yourself on a parasailing expedition. Oh, to live the life of the middle-aged and way too wealthy for their own good.

If you’re trying to get some vacation envy while you bake to a crisp on the subway after work today, you can check out the whole video above. Be warned though, there is roughly a 100% chance that it will make you wonder why you didn’t decide to adopt the guise of a famous criminal for monetary purposes when you had the chance. Happy summer everyone.