Watch Video of a Young Desiigner Rapping Before He Was Famous

Watch Video of a Young Desiigner Rapping Before He Was Famous


All rappers have a story and a history of making music that precedes their fame since it takes a lot of time, hard work, and the right person hearing your talent before working your way up to success. There's also a lot of growth between the time one rapper starts and is signed or makes his or her way onto the Hot 100 charts, and that is definitely noticeable in this video that has surfaced of a young, likely teenager Desiigner rapping before any of us knew him as the "Panda" shouting, "Tiimmy Turner" burning, G.O.O.D. Music artist we know today.

In the short black and white clip, Desiigner sounds nothing like the rapper we hear today that we can recognize from the sound of a quick tongue roll or ad-lib. Instead, the young rapper's voice is less identifiable and sounds like any young Brooklyn rapper who has a gift for dropping bars. Of course, his rapid-fire delivery and diabolical energy are still very much on point.

These days, Desiigner has definitely established a signature sound that makes him instantly identifiable at the sound of a "git! git!" but it's clear the rapper's tone has evolved into its own force. There's a reason Desiigner was the first NYC rapper since Jay Z to top the Billboard Hot 100. He must have loved this verse though, because the same bars actually made it into his New English album cut, "Make It Out." Watch a Young Desiigner rap above and compare it to the verse as heard in the rapper's voice today below.