What Does This Mysterious Donald Glover Countdown Mean?

What Does This Mysterious Donald Glover Countdown Mean?


What Does This Mysterious Donald Glover Countdown Mean? news

Donald Glover, also known as the musical force Childish Gambino, has suddenly returned to the realm of social media and dropped a link that leads us to a mysterious new countdown that plays music when you click on it.

Everyone is speculating what the countdown might mean. Glover has two big projects coming down the pipeline, including a new album later this year and his hotly anticipated show Atlanta. Glover did trip out to Tame Impala in the show’s official trailer, so it wouldn’t be so crazy to have an equally tripped out app that somehow compliments the show.

As for the future album, few details are known. Earlier this month, a series of since-deleted tweets from vocalist, Aaron Michael Gutierrez, may have confirmed there is a new album from Glover on the way. The discovery of these tweets also arrived only shortly after Glover admitted he would love to collaborate with Migos in a Twitter Q&A that yes, has also since been deleted.

It should be noted that the Pharos are “also known as the lighthouse of Alexandria was a large lighthouse that served as a navigational aide for ships entering the city.” There is also publication from Alpha Omega Alpha society that publishes a quarterly journal of scholarly essays named after the Pharos. Thank you, Google.

A representative for Glover declined to comment, but you can check out PHAROS Earth for yourself here.