What To Wear to the Bad Boy Reunion Tour

What To Wear to the Bad Boy Reunion Tour


The Bad Boy Reunion Tour in Brooklyn officially kicks off tonight. As baby-faced, hood saint, Pastor Ma$e Betha’s acid washed duster coat showed us on this morning’s “Today” show performance: it’s gonna be a grown and sexy affair. If there’s anyone who can call to the masses in New York City, it’s our Lord and Wavior, Puff “P. Diddy” Daddy Combs, and nobody has preached the art of fits for as long as dearest Puff. His swag and style are only second to his dancing. Bad Boy Records was responsible for many iconic hip-hop trends. The swoop bang set of yesteryear became the high pony aunties and uncles who will be reciting every word of “Feel So Good” in a pair of fresh Mauris, shined for the occasion.

So, what do you wear to a celebration of the label that was at the very center of hip-hop fashion 20 years ago? Simply put: the best of your ’90s steppin’ out the whip fits. There’s nothing too nostalgic for singing along to “One More Chance” and parking your car off Flatbush Ave.


This is the time for your best leather. Black is cool but brown is for the ballers, shot callers, brawlers and those dippin’ in the Benz with spoilers—gender makes no difference. That brown leather Karl Kani jumpsuit: this is your time to twankle ‘n glisten. (Make Ron Browz proud!) Red mini-dresses and every piece of your biker-girl-chic gear, à la Lil Kim are waiting to come out of the closet so free up your dusters, butters and minis. It might be a tad too warm for the Avirex and the Vansons tonight, but weather has never stopped anyone from lookin’ fly.

ACG Boots and Other Nostalgic Footwear

If you’re a NY native ACG boots should not have to be explained here. How else will they really know you mean it when you say “toe to toe, blow for blow, like WHOA?” How else can you ensure that you’ll be able to step over the ensuing brawl when your neighbors run out of Hennessy in their flasks without getting the bottom crease of the your jean cuff soiled? It’s time for your best nostalgic footwear: that means you shiny patent leather Pradas, ostrich Skin Mauris, bomb dropping Lugz boots, and the king of them all, a pair of Wallabees. You can stick to the cream like the late, great B.I.G. or go electric blue like Puff and Ma$e in the masterpiece that is the “Been Around the World (Remix)” video.

Matching Suits

No matter the material, be it leather, terry or the highly sheened foil of the Shiny Suit era, your look must be a two-fer. Coordinated outfits are the very foundation of the Bad Boy era, so tonight, no ends. Full Fendi logo outfit? Now is the time, and throw on the matching boots and headband. Powder blue sweat suit with the all white uptowns? Next weekend is Memorial Day so stunt a little early!

Whatever you decide, whether it be acid-washed denim or a taupe, linen blend, make it easier on yourself, and get the hat to match.


No label had better eyewear than Bad Boy Records. Versace, Chanel, Cartier, you name it and the roster had it. Tonight will definitely be a night of wearing shades inside (Diddy would have it no other way!). Otherwise, you risk getting Snap-bombed ugly crying to Carl Thomas and Faith Evans’ silky riffs during “Emotional.” Add a big body watch, belt or a solid bright “I Dream of Genie” style wig for the ladies—from Janice Combs to Kimberly Jones nobody did wigs better—and pile on the chains. It’s your night to sip champagne and remember the reckless luxury of our youth. Luckily, Barclays’ extreme concert rules should ensure that nobody brings a lion’s head cane. But then again it’s Puffy. Anything can happen.