You're A Man Now, Boy: Raleigh Ritchie Breaks Down Every Track On...

You're A Man Now, Boy: Raleigh Ritchie Breaks Down Every Track On His Debut Album


Probably the smoothest actor-to-singer transition in recent memory, Jacob Anderson has taken the pop arena by storm with his swag-filled, convicting and vulnerable ballads. Born and raised in Bristol, the then-aspiring thespian moved to London and followed his dreams at the age of 17; anxious from its pace and bewildered by its lights, his vision never waned in the big, bad city. “Take the entertainment world by the scruff of its neck,” that was his aim and he inevitably scored, starring in cult hood classic Adulthood and securing a recurring role as “Grey Worm” in HBO's Game Of Thrones. Big and small screens aside, though, Raleigh Ritchieas he's known to music lovers the world over—has a new album out today which follows a string of rave-reviewed EPs.

You're A Man Now, Boy sees the 25-year-old pour his heart and soul out over electro-bleeding pop and orchestral R&B, adding the odd slang phrase to keep ears piqued but with enough emotion to create sizeable lumps in throats. You've hummed “Stronger Than Ever” all day at the office, watched the NSFW video for “Bloodsport '15” 100 times, and wake up to “The Greatest” every single daynow it's time for Raleigh Ritchie to give us a deeper look at those songs, plus 9 others, that feature on the soon-to-be-chart-smashing LP.